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Gaspereau Press — Printers and Publishers

Founded in 1997 by Gary Dunfield & Andrew Steeves, Gaspereau Press is one of Canada’s most innovative and tenacious literary publishers. The award-winning press is known for the originality of its authors, the beauty of its books and the quality of its productions. It’s books—Smyth-sewn trade paperback, cloth-bound hardcovers, and a letterpress-printed limited edition—are produced in Gaspereau’s own printing works, located in the sleepy shiretown of Kentville, Nova Scotia.

Gasperau Press are the publishers of eight of John’s books. See their full synopsis of each of their John Terpstra titles. The site includes high resolution scans of the Terpstra covers.

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john terpstra titles published by gaspereau

Wolsak & Wynn

Wolsak and Wynn is a literary press dedicated to publishing clear, passionate Canadian voices in poetry and non-fiction. We believe that poetry has the power to crystallize and express the diverse life of this country in the most concentrated form, while non-fiction unfurls these experiences for the reader.

Wolsak & Wynn published the 1997 collection The Church Not Made with Hands, and this past year re-released Naked Trees, originally published by The Netherlandic Press in 1990.

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terpstra titles published by wolsak & wynn
download an excerpt of Naked Trees

The St. Thomas Poetry Series

Poetry readings at St. Thomas’s Anglican Church, Huron Street, Toronto, began in 1988 in connection with the launch of the anthology Christian Poetry in Canada (ECW Press, 1989) and featured five poets: Robert Finch (his final public reading at age 89), John Reibetanz, Tim Lilburn, Maggie Helwig, and Margo Swiss. Spring and fall readings soon developed and then continued on a regular basis for several years. Many well-known Canadian poets visited during that time and afterwards, including James Reaney, Colleen Thibaudeau, J. M. Cameron, Anne Corkett, Joy Kogawa, George Johnston, Richard Greene, Alice Major, Barry Dempster, Gail Fox, Douglas Lochhead, Richard Outram, Susan McCaslin, and many more.

The publication series began in 1996 and was intended to draw increased attention to Christian poetry in Canada.

The St. Thomas Poetry Series published John Terpstra’s collection Devil’s Punch Bowl in 1998. Selections from John’s work appear in Poetry and Spiritual Practice: Selections from Contemporary Canadian Poets edited by Susan McCaslin, and Poetry as Liturgy: An Anthology by Canadian Poets. edited by Margo Swiss

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web page for devil’s punch bowl
web page for poetry and spiritual practice
web page for poetry as liturgy

booksellers — Hamilton

Bryan Prince, Bookseller

Hamilton’s primiere independant bookseller. Winner of the 2001 ‘Libris Award’ for Best Independent Bookstore in Canada. If the Terpstra title is still in print, Bryan Prince, Bookseller will have it in stock.

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